Truck Accidents

Protecting Your Rights in Truck Accident Claims

The population growth in the State of Florida has caused an upsurge in roadway collisions, many of them involving trucks. Truck accidents result in catastrophic injuries or wrongful death and are legal matters with many complexities. Various entities may bear responsibility for an accident; the driver, the mechanic, the loading company, or the truck owner may all share liability.

Some of the factors that typically cause truck accidents are:

  • Driver’s fatigue due to extended work hours, based on the financial motivation of the driver or the truck owner.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can alter perception.
  • Poorly secured cargo, liquid cargo, or livestock can create rollovers, jackknifing, spills on the roadways, or an inability to stop.
  • Visual limitations due to mirrors not being appropriately adjusted or blind-spots, create hazardous lane changes, and turns.
  • Maintenance issues and neglect of the truck for various systems, such as the brakes, steering, tires, lights, and others, contribute to accidents.
  • Reckless or aggressive driving such as excessive speed or weaving in and out of traffic is high-risk behavior.
  • Driving on unfamiliar roadways, especially at night or during bad weather, can cause visual limitations.

If you have been the victim of a trucking accident, it is critical that you hire an experienced personal injury attorney. The Law Office of Isadore Hyde, P.A., can fight for the compensation that you deserve for your injuries and material damages due to the negligent or careless acts of another. Punitive damages can be sought for willful or malicious negligence. As a former insurance defense attorney, Attorney Isadore Hyde understands both sides of the law. He will negotiate a fair settlement or is prepared to present your case in a courtroom trial aggressively. As your legal representative, he will focus on protecting your rights and obtaining fair compensation for damages, while you concentrate on your recovery.

The Effects of Personal Injury

Examples of personal injuries that can permanently alter your life after a truck accident are traumatic brain injuries, amputations, fractures, paralysis, internal injuries, and wrongful death. Various psychological issues sometimes accompany severe injuries, such as posttraumatic stress syndrome, chronic pain, and depression. The statute of limitations for truck accidents is four years from the date of the accident. For wrongful death claims, the family has two years to file a claim.

Complexities of Investigating Truck Accidents

A personal injury attorney’s role is to communicate and advocate on behalf of the client, with all the entities involved. At The Law Office of Isadore Hyde P.A., we gather information from insurance companies and review all applicable insurance policies. Our law office will intervene with your employer if you were on the job when the accident occurred, and complete an independent investigation of the evidence. We speak with law enforcement investigators, medical providers, and interview witnesses. Significant evidence is photographs or videos of the accident scene from surrounding businesses, the truck’s inspection reports, the weather, and roadway conditions. To create a detailed liability analysis, we investigate case law and conduct depositions of all the parties involved. The hiring of medical and technical experts can advise and testify regarding the evidence.

The Law Office of Isadore Hyde P.A. Works Tirelessly to Obtain Favorable Verdicts and Settlements for Our Clients.

Fair compensation for a truck accident victim includes current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, disfigurement, mental anguish, permanent disabilities, material damages, and loss of consortium. In a wrongful death lawsuit, there are funeral expenses, loss of inheritances, and loss of benefits awarded to the family. Punitive damages can be part of a settlement if there is evidence of willful or malicious negligence. If you or your loved one was the victim of a truck accident, contact The Law Office of Isadore Hyde P.A., for quality, compassionate legal representation.

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